Position of the Ombudsman for Students

Pursuant to the Decree No. 92/2021 of the Rector of PRz, the position of Students’ Ombudsman was created.
It is the first such post in the 70-year history of our university.

The Student Ombudsman is appointed in order to protect students’ rights; he is a person guarding the observance of students’ rights and cooperates with the University authorities on an ongoing basis.  The Ombudsman intervenes in the case of violations of students’ rights at the University and takes preventive measures to increase awareness of students’ rights and duties.

The relevant Ombudsman’s office will be set up in the near future and all necessary organisational and communication arrangements will be prepared.

On 1.10.2021, upon the motion of students, JM Rector of PRz appointed Dr Dominik Strzałka, professor of PRz, an employee of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of PRz, as the first Ombudsman.

We wish the new Ombudsman good luck!