Our Science Clubs

There are many science clubs at the Faculty, where students can deepen their theoretical knowledge and improve their practical skills

Koło Naukowe Informatyków "KOD"

The aim of the club is to broaden knowledge in the field of optimal programming solutions and to learn about modern information technologies.

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Koło Naukowe Something About IT Security

The goal of the club is to create an environment that offers opportunities for students interested in cyber security, as well as to increase public awareness of cyber threats.

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Koło Naukowe Elektryków "MegaVolt"

The aim of the club is to enable its members to develop and deepen their knowledge about the broadly understood high voltage technology and lightning and surge protection.

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Koło Naukowe Automatyków i Robotyków „ROBO”

The club brings together enthusiasts of automation, robotics, electronics, and computer science. The main areas of interest are 3D printing, machine building for robotic combat and the organization of international competitions "ROBOmotion".

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Koło Naukowe Elektroniki i Technologii Informacyjnych

KNEiTI organizes various programming events such as Rzethon hackathon and "Better World Hackhaton". Our students are involved in such solutions as computer networks, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and electronics.

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Koło Naukowe Machine Learning

We are a group of students fascinated by data analysis, machine learning and neural networks. Our team consists mainly of Engineering and Data Analytics students, but anyone is welcome.

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Our science clubs have specialized equipment

Our science circles have specialized equipment such as 3D printers, VR goggles, soldering irons, oscilloscopes, Arduino microcontrollers, Raspberry platforms and many others. The VR hardware is used by members of the KOD Student Research Group to create software such as interactive games for this platform or simulators using virtual reality.

Through the appropriate equipment, the science clubs can develop their sections related to electrical engineering, 3D printing and programming for the VR platform, among others. Every new student, who, having no experience, wants to develop their skills in a given field, can count on the support of experienced colleagues from scientific circles.