POLIgon 2021 training camp!

Last week a representation of our Local Government, including two students from our Faculty, participated in the POLIgon 2021 training camp organised by the Forum of Technical Universities. The camp included four training tracks within different task areas.

During the camp, each of the participants attended a total of over 40 hours of training and workshops, which brought us a wealth of knowledge useful in further activities. A very important aspect of the event is also the exchange of experience and integration with representatives of local governments from all over the country.

My compliments to the project coordinator Ola Zmuda Trzebiatowska and the FUT president Paula Lesniewska, as well as all the staff and trainers.

The training was attended by students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Dawid Stawowy (member of the SSPRz Parliament) and Konrad Łukiewicz (chairman of the WEiI JSS).