Meet #TeamWEiI

On November 19th at our University with the help of USOS system there will be another election of Rzeszow University of Technology Student Government representatives! Each student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science will be able to vote for 5 candidates!

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z nami oraz wsparcia podczas nadchodzącyWe invite you to learn more about us and support us during the upcoming election!

Cezary Bober

I have obtained a professional engineering degree with a major in Computer Science. I’m working as a Frontend Developer, and I’m also continuing my studies for a second degree. I’m mainly interested in frontend (TypeScript, React). I try to actively participate in various projects such as creating a website for SKNI KOD association – which I belong to, or Student Government website.

Łukiewicz Konrad

I am a student of Information Technology at II degree (Computer Systems and Networks). I have the pleasure to be the President of the Student Government of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the President of the IT Committee in Rzeszow University of Technology Student Government. After graduation I plan to open a hobbies kennel of rabbit dachshunds and in my spare time I convince Android users to adopt the latest technology.

Kochman Magdalena

I am a student of computer science on the second level of full-time studies. I belong to SKNI KOD club, where I am a member of the board. I am also active in creating the club’s website. I participate in projects – I co-created the Student Government website. I am interested in deep learning and artificial intelligence. Apart from studying I work as a Frontend Developer.

Słoboda Julia

I am a student of the first year of the premiere course “Electromobility” at our Faculty. I have been in the Student Government since October so this is my first student experience. I love volleyball and in my free time I think about where hedgehogs stomp at night. I would mainly like to be the voice of the first-year students – I know very well what the student challenges are after returning to full-time studies!

Stawowy Dawid

I am a third-year student of Electrical Engineering, since one year I have been an active member of the Student Government of Rzeszow University of Technology, and since the beginning of the semester I have been the President of the Sports Committee of SSPRz.